ITD DataCloud provides you with complete remote management of your entire epos system combined with unrivalled data interrogation. When you run ITDSoftware on your epos system you are gathering vast quantities of highly valuable data. Until now, access to that data has been limited to physically entering your system via your epos hardware; now you can access all your data, wherever you are in the world and through practically any active internet device.
ITD DataCloud records all your data in real-time – you can virtually see every sale as it happens. All data is instantly updated and you access it in clear and easy to use charts and graphs on any device you are using: Smartphone, Tablet or Computer. You don’t have to download and install any apps because you are accessing your data securely online from the ITDcloud.

All reports are easily and quickly viewed and can be exported instantly into PDF or Excel CSV files. ITD DataCloud has been designed to run alongside and integrate perfectly with ITD epos software and is simplicity itself to activate. Just contact us and we can have it up and running in minutes – ask about a free trial. ITD DataCloud is available for a monthly subscription of just £20/month or annually £200. ITD DataCloud constantly “talks” to your ITD epos software so you can use it to fully and remotely administer the whole of your epos system from wherever you happen to be. Plus, you can control and restrict all different levels of access for multiple users if required. This is particularly useful for multi-site businesses where Managers need low to mid level access rights. Because all your data is stored in the ITDcloud you have a built-in backup function that means you will never suffer data loss in the event of a failure and because it is gathered in real-time it is always absolutely up to date and ready to fire-up instantly. And you will always have access to all of your historical and archived data.


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