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Intelligent Technology Design Software is behind several market leading epos solutions that have been crafted over many years and are being continuously developed to keep our clients ahead of the game.

ITDcatersoft – Fast Food & Restaurant epos software

A very sophisticated but easy to use order management tool, created especially for Fast Food and Restaurant outlets.

ITDretailsoft – Retail & Convenience Store epos software.

A very simple order management tool created especially for any retail business and with an easy to use intuitive interface it’s designed to be both fast and user friendly.

ITDlogisoft – Cash & Carries and Warehouse epos software.

Specially for Cash & Carries and large Warehouses, a real solution offering clients increased profits together with total customer satisfaction.

ITDcrm – Customer Relationship Management software.

ITDcrm (customer relationship management) involves multiple functions. It deals with the many interactions between a company, its sales force, its marketing team and its customers.

Bespoke Solutions

As well as our world class software developed for epos systems we also design and create bespoke solutions for Database Management. This covers a wide range of applications including Asset Management and Inventory Control.

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ITD DataCloud provides you with complete remote management of your entire epos system combined with unrivaled data interrogation. When you run ITD Software on your epos system you are gathering vast quantities of highly valuable data. Until now, access to that data has been limited to physically entering your system via your epos hardware; now you can access all your data, wherever you are in the world and through practically any active internet device.

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ITD has been developing highly effective Electronic Point Of Sale (epos) solutions for the fast food and retail industry for nearly 20 years. We bring together the best hardware in the market place and combine it with some of the most sophisticated yet easy to use software that has been developed by our own team of highly trained and vastly experienced programmers and designers. ITD now has a complete range of epos solutions to suit every budget across a wide range of sectors.

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Customer support

We provide ongoing support throughout the software installation process – from analysis & design stages through to development & deployment, offering user training to ensure a smooth implementation of your system.

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aTAXIto… is an amazing new Software and App from ITD Software that allows a Taxi operator to take advantage of the technology boost in Taxi booking, without the excessive charges of 25%! that some companies charge.

aTAXIto… lets you give your customers what they want, without having to invest in new IT or training. The dispatch system is based in the cloud, so all you need is a web browser. Your drivers just download the app onto their existing smartphones. You can even import all your existing customer data from the cab management system you’re currently using.

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Your Technology Partner for Success

We pride ourselves in harnessing intelligent technology design to provide ultimate management systems leading to increased profits for the food, retail, logistics and service industries.

We have applied our extensive knowledge and experience in these sectors to create and develop our windows based systems that are highly flexible and the most advanced, yet simple-to-use solutions available in todays market place.

The easily configured user friendly interface allows staff to understand and use the software with minimum effort.

Our team is made up from a group of highly skilled IT professionals with a wide variety of skills, knowledge and experience which as a result has enriched our company.

  • Our team’s combined IT experiences exceeds 200 years
  • Our team is made up of a mixture of university graduates, senior IT professionals, PHD students and specialist technicians
  • Our team are prepared to work flexible hours to suit your business needs
  • Our team are truly passionate in what they do in order to create innovative and real solutions to real issues


We are here to help you through every step of the way.

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